About US

Our Mission

Connections with others, not just the free WIFI and coffee, are a big reason why people choose to work in a co-working space. Co-working spaces have their own vibe, and each space works to cultivate a unique experience. 

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives by providing space and a sustaining a community that fits our specific needs. Our space includes a communal co-working area with comfy seats and hot desks, a coffee nook,  and a conference room.. The idea is to provide a space for start-up visionaries, seasoned professionals, and anyone who works remotely. It’s a place to refresh and get things done, and a space to make connections. Idea Space is a place to make plans, execute strategies, and be inspired. It’s a place to strategize your business goals and to accomplish them.

Idea Space Business Suites & Co-working provides a place for ideas to flow, work to get accomplished and relationships to flourish. 

Friendly Faces. Fast Internet. Great Coffee. Good Vibes.

Get Things Done

Focus on your work in our comfy and quiet space.

Meet with clients or colleagues in our conference room.

Enjoy fast WIFI and free coffee.

Attend workshops & trainings.

Join a Mastermind.

Schedule your after-hours events to be hosted at Idea Space.


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